Resources for Students



How can I set myself up for academic success?

Academic Resources and Supports:

  • Weingarten Learning Resources CenterWeingarten Center provides academic support services and programs for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students at the University of Pennsylvania through its two offices: Office of Learning Resources and Student Disabilities Services. The services and programs of both offices are free and confidential. 
  • Tutoring Services: 
  • Kelly Writers House: 


Wellness Resources and Supports:

Taking care of yourself is important for your physical AND academic well-being


How can I better understand citation in order to avoid plagiarism?


Additional Support Services: 

The Office of the Chaplain

Division of Public Safety, Special Services

The Penn Women's Center


Community Service Information and Sites

A list of our OSC-approved community service sites and relevant important information can be found below. You must perform your community service at the organizations listed in this document.

For all community service sites, you should schedule work in advance. If you schedule work and then find you cannot do it, you must call the organization and cancel. When circumstances prevent you from working with your first choice organization, you are expected to make arrangements with another site in order to complete your community service hours on time.

It is your responsibility to provide OSC with verification of the hours you work. Please note: WE WILL CALL TO VERIFY THAT YOU DID IN FACT WORK. Turning in a false verification form will result in new OSC charges. Make sure you take the form with you. The organizations do not stock verification forms. And, please make sure you give the verification forms to OSC by the date stated on your resolution agreement.

Download Verification Form



Click here for a list of trained OSC Advisors.