Notice Letter: "I've been contacted by the OSC!"

When a complaint is filed with the Office of Student Conduct, the OSC promptly gives written notice of the complaint and its allegations to the student(s) alleged to have violated University rules. This notice is called the Notice Letter.

Important things to know upon receiving a Notice Letter include:

  • This is simply a letter to inform a student that the OSC is opening an investigation;
  • The student has NOT been "charged" with anything at this time;
  • The OSC strongly recommends that the student seek an advisor (More information below; See Advisor list);
  • There is a deadline by which the student must contact the OSC. Not complying with this deadline may result in a hold being placed on the student's records;
  • The Charter requires that students comply with the OSC process.

Information regarding advisors: Recipients of a Notice Letter, aka respondents, may select an advisor from the list provided or choose any other University faculty member, staff member, or student in good academic and disciplinary standing to advise the respondent during the disciplinary process. If criminal charges are pending against a respondent or, in the judgment of the Office of the University’s General Counsel, are reasonably in prospect, the respondent’s advisor may be an attorney who is not a member of the University community. In such instances, the attorney will be expected to observe the procedures of this Charter and comply fully and promptly with decisions of the DHO or other University officials or bodies charged with the administration of this Charter in the same manner expected of members of the University community. The OSC strongly encourages respondents to seek an advisor.