Know the Codes

Since the University is an academic community, its fundamental purpose is the pursuit of knowledge. Essential to the success of this educational mission is a commitment to the principles of academic integrity. Every member of the University community is responsible for upholding the highest standards of honesty at all times. Students, as members of the community, are also responsible for adhering to the principles and spirit of the following Code of Academic Integrity.
When Benjamin Franklin founded the Pennsylvania Academy, he defined its mission as “education for citizenship.” In pursuit of this mission, the University of Pennsylvania is committed to achieving academic excellence, to creating an environment for inquiry and learning, and to cultivating responsible citizenship in the larger society.
In addition to the Code of Academic Conduct and the Code of Student Conduct, Penn students are expected to adhere to the provisions of other codes as well.
The University owns and operates PennNet to provide internet access to the Penn Community. Students are given access to PennNet for school-related activities. All other activities are impermissible. Illegal activities of any kind will trigger the possibility of educational requirements and/or disciplinary sanctions.